Thursday, 7 February 2013

What I am doing Now

My doll and earrings and Sarah s scarf
Have you guessed what the theme is?

I have joined a cooperative called 14 The Gallery in Torrington. I am very much enjoying it and it helps keep me focused. One of my rolls is window dressing along with fellow member Sarah. (She is a weaver and makes beautiful scarves). We are trying to keep the window fresh and interesting by having themes which are planned in advance.

My Textile work  in the background
My earrings

Yes it is Valentines day. We will change it again in a couple of weeks to cover Mothers Day, St Davids Day and Easter. Hopefully this will show case different artworks and also different over all colour scheme. We also hope it will encourage members to think about what they have got or could make for the chosen theme.


The other window is used to feature the artist of the month

As you will see in the side bar I have put some new earrings on my Etsy site, also on Folksy  and my website.

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