Monday, 11 March 2013

Ready for Easter

 Meet Violet.
Her body was dark blue fabric but I have stamped it and painted it with a variety of fabric and acrylic paints.Her hair is carded sheep's wool.

Sarah and I changed the window again today ready for Easter. We try to make it look as different as we can and this usually starts with a colour. Looking at some of the items in the shop which had not fitted in previous schemes  we decided on dark blue/purple. It is mainly the pottery and ceramics that have been featured with a few other items for interest.  including some glass work, my encaustic eggs and a wall hanging Geds steam punk jewellery and a felted rabbit.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Daisy was made to replace Liberty who sold last week. Each of these dolls take me three days to make and a lot of arm ache.  The hands are quite tricky but are so cute. Muscle power is needed to form the head and also it is amazing just how much stuffing goes  into each one.  I just love seeing how their characters develop. I have no idea when I start how they are going to look, its a bit like giving birth. The only thing I start with is a colour. The next one is going to be dark blue/purple so watch this space.        

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gallery 14 window

Yesterday Sarah and I did the window again. We were planning to do a pretty girly flowery window for Mothers day  but  didn't really have anything in the shop to suite the theme, except what was already in the window for Valentines.  Then thoughts of spring with yellows, again we struggled. The first thing to do is completely empty the window and give it a good clean. Members are informed of our intentions each month which gives them the opportunity to make something specific. We then look round for items in the gallery. Each item is then auditioned Its suitability soon becomes clear. A quick   check outside confirms our thought. Sarah and I work well together, we think the same way and have the same tastes this makes the job quite quick and easy. As you can see from the pictures it ended up predominantly green. A complete contrast to the last display which was pink. 
Woven scarf by Sarah Cross
Some of my encaustic eggs
Newest member Ged Draytons  needle felted fairy
My encaustic earrings and eggs


Thursday, 7 February 2013

What I am doing Now

My doll and earrings and Sarah s scarf
Have you guessed what the theme is?

I have joined a cooperative called 14 The Gallery in Torrington. I am very much enjoying it and it helps keep me focused. One of my rolls is window dressing along with fellow member Sarah. (She is a weaver and makes beautiful scarves). We are trying to keep the window fresh and interesting by having themes which are planned in advance.

My Textile work  in the background
My earrings

Yes it is Valentines day. We will change it again in a couple of weeks to cover Mothers Day, St Davids Day and Easter. Hopefully this will show case different artworks and also different over all colour scheme. We also hope it will encourage members to think about what they have got or could make for the chosen theme.


The other window is used to feature the artist of the month

As you will see in the side bar I have put some new earrings on my Etsy site, also on Folksy  and my website.

About time I blogged!

Well I don't know where the time goes.
I have been trying to simplify my life and concentrating on the more important things like my business. it always ended up at the bottom of my list, and things needed to change.

Last year my son was married and I did quite a lot of work for that including the flowers, cake and at the last minute 120 cup cakes. The wedding should have been in September but had to be postponed until November because the bride was taken ill and ended up in the high dependency unit in Barnstaple. Although not quite back to normal she is on the mend.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

The quilt group I belong to, Upcott Valley Quilters got a Highly Commended for our group quilt!
My bit is on the far right and is wine bottles. It is double sided but was hung so that only one side could be seen. The blue fabric was hand dyed. Originally it was a quilting project, going back to its roots of using household objects as templates. I think the applique took over a bit on most of them. Mine is all hand quilted and the applique is minimal.

Dolton Horticultural Show

Yesterday I entered the Dolton Horticultural Show for the first time and got first for a dressed doll, a piece of patchwork, sweet peas and pansies. I was very pleased.