Monday, 21 January 2008

Work for Rosemoor

I thought I would post a couple of bits from one of my Rosemoor panels. Apart from the stitched details they were worked on my embellisher which I bought just before Christmas. So far I have broken 12 needles. I have a Pfaff embellisher and found a good tip on Maggie Grey's site about using Babylock needles instead as they are stronger. When I can afford it I will get some and have a go.
The pieces are worked on felt. The wings are Angelina sandwhiched between the felt and a layer of organza. I then add strips of frayed organza and embellished from the back. The hair of Gabriel is done using wool tops with some sari waste added.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Arch Challenge

I have just finished my arch for Alis. My sewing machine was having a bad day (typical) We now have a provisional date of the 25th Jan for completion of the house. We went to have another look last Thursday to refresh our memories. I needed to get a head start on things as I have quite a few commitments at the moment and don't want to get behind.