Monday, 21 January 2008

Work for Rosemoor

I thought I would post a couple of bits from one of my Rosemoor panels. Apart from the stitched details they were worked on my embellisher which I bought just before Christmas. So far I have broken 12 needles. I have a Pfaff embellisher and found a good tip on Maggie Grey's site about using Babylock needles instead as they are stronger. When I can afford it I will get some and have a go.
The pieces are worked on felt. The wings are Angelina sandwhiched between the felt and a layer of organza. I then add strips of frayed organza and embellished from the back. The hair of Gabriel is done using wool tops with some sari waste added.

1 comment:

MargaretR said...

Lovely work on the embellisher Carol, very effective.
All the best in your new house.