Thursday, 13 May 2010

About time I blogged!

Hi all,
I got my first West Country Quilter magazine via email today and as it has my blogged listed I thought I had better do something. Firstly welcome to any quilters from Region 4 that may be taking a look.

Upcott Valley Quilters had a challenge. It is mentioned somewhere on here and I promised to keep you posted. We bought the fabric as a group when we all went to the Quilt festival. Basically the challenge was to cut a hole or holes in your fabric and give the bit that came out to the others and then fill the hole with something else. It was very scary!This challenge was set by Sarah. The quilt is fantastic,(I think). It will be going to Birmingham in August so if you are going to the festival look out for it. It will be in the group section. It was hung at West Point but it was almost impossible to take a picture. I could only get the edge. I will post a better picture when I get one.

Decisions- which bit to put where? It is 8 fat quarters and 4 of them were cut in half and worked as 2 pieces to create more interest.

The label is pinned to one of my two bits

Friday, 19 February 2010

New Work

At long last I have plucked up the courage to get the wax out! I have not done any for over a year now other than my earrings. I had done an abstract using paper covered with crumpled tissue paper some time ago and just thought I would enhance it with some encaustic work and got carried away. I have also embedded some skeletal leaves. I will leave the wax out now and maybe do some more over the weekend. We have had snow again today so I think staying in is a good plan.