Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gallery 14 window

Yesterday Sarah and I did the window again. We were planning to do a pretty girly flowery window for Mothers day  but  didn't really have anything in the shop to suite the theme, except what was already in the window for Valentines.  Then thoughts of spring with yellows, again we struggled. The first thing to do is completely empty the window and give it a good clean. Members are informed of our intentions each month which gives them the opportunity to make something specific. We then look round for items in the gallery. Each item is then auditioned Its suitability soon becomes clear. A quick   check outside confirms our thought. Sarah and I work well together, we think the same way and have the same tastes this makes the job quite quick and easy. As you can see from the pictures it ended up predominantly green. A complete contrast to the last display which was pink. 
Woven scarf by Sarah Cross
Some of my encaustic eggs
Newest member Ged Draytons  needle felted fairy
My encaustic earrings and eggs


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Anonymous said...

I think the window looks great....but then I am slightly biased! Lots of people have been stopping to look at the window display - so we are obviously doing something right!