Friday, 30 January 2009

Heart swap

Heart front

Heart back with tatted motiff

Hanging with charms

Full veiw of the front

As part of the Textile Challenge group I decided to take part in the heart swap. I was partnered with Jan so this is her heart. I had recently bought some fabrics from Jennifer Trollope which she buys from couture houses. The project needed to be quick so I went for using luxurious fabrics rather than fancy sewing techniques. The back of the heart is silk with a piece of tatting stitched on which has a small piece of shear fabric behind and a stone in the centre. The front was a golden fabric which is covered with a net which has hanging sequins attached. This net was about 6 inches wide with a bound edge on each side which I did not want to loose, so I eased the edging into the heart shape and cut or pleated the surplus away. I then added a matching ribbon and hung various charms and beads from it. I have also put some lavender inside it.


Alis said...

It is beautiful Carol, so sumptuous. I love the hanging charms too. Jan will love it.

TattingChic said...

Your heart is gorgeous! Love the tatting on the back of the heart! Where did you get it? Do you tat, too? I do! :)

Carol said...

Thankyou both for your comments.The tatting was something I just had,maybe it belonged to my grandmother,she may have made it but I dont remeber her doing any tatting but maybe it was one of those things that everyone of her age did. I am afraid I do not tat. It is probably one of the only crafts I have never tried.

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

That is really lovely Carol.
I especially love the texture
on the front.

Elizabeth said...

Your heart is glorious!!