Thursday, 17 September 2009


Upcott Valley have just started their latest challenge. Should be interesting! The challenge is to cut holes in our fabric give the cut out bits to the other participants and then fill the hole up using fabrics from their cut out bits. should be interesting.

I have been quite productive this week, building up my ear ring stocks, tidying my work space and cutting the holes in my challenge fabric. I thought it was time I blogged.

I am busy with the bands I am in. One playing at a dance on Saturday and the other busy preparing for a concert a week tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

The German band are coming to stay in October and have a packed week. They are playing in Exeter Cathedral on the Monday and The Eden Project on the Wednesday. They have another two concerts. They will be so tired when they go home. I know I was when I came back from Germany.

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Genie said...

Hi Carol,
Looks an interesting project,
good luck with your band