Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Feeling Much Better

Well I thought it was time that I blogged. I am feeling sooooo much better. I am really enjoying this weather. Yesterday we went out for a drive round the North Devon coast. It was not quite as warm and sunny there but it didn't rain. Today was shopping day so it is all catching up with me now.
Last weekend we went out for the day to try and find somewhere to go mackerel fishing. We ended up in Ilfracombe. As we drove to the car park on the quey i noticed several people were dressed up. I new immediately that it must have been Victorian week. As we parked the car I wondered why the harbour wall was edged with people looking out to sea. They were waiting for the Waverley(a paddle steamer) to come in. It was already two hours late. I thought I would join the on lookers. When it got into the harbour I was surprised at how big she was. It was lovely to see all the elegantly clad passengers board the Waverly while the buskers played old time music.

The Waverley

This morning before 7, I heard a bang on the window. I thought that sounds like a bird. About 15 minutes later my husband got up and opened the kitchen blind and saw the woodpecker at the bottom of the tree trying to climb up. When I got up it was still on the tree trunk. I kept an eye on it in case there were any cats around. I managed to take a picture which proved there must have been something not quite right. usually the slightest hint of a camera it is gone. It stayed there for about 45 minutes and then flew away I did see it high up in a willow tree a bit later so it seamed fully recovered.

I have been tidying the garden and re potting the plants, sweeping the steps. Soon I hope to do some sewing.


Genie said...

Hi Carol
glad you are feeling better.
and the woodpecker survived his bump.

dot said...

Glad to see you're slowly returning to some sort of normality Carol it just takes time.

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Hi Carol, Happy to hear that
you're feeling better.
Enjoyed the photo of the

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

P.S. Have a great trip! Enjoy