Friday, 24 April 2009

One Little Gem

Inca Inspiration
Well so much for my new beginnings. Almost as soon as I said it I was struck down. I was ill for a week! I had just started this piece but have only managed to finnish it today. I have made it for the Little Gem tombola.
It was inspired by Inca art originally but has wandered of a bit. The copper mushrooms represent the blades of sacrificial knives. I hope it gives the feeling of the Incas. I must now put away the sewing machine and get out the wax. Craft fair season is rapidly approaching and with sickness etc. I am getting behind.


Genie said...

Hi Carol
glad you are feeling better?
Love the Inca quilt

Tiggy Rawling said...

Very Inca - great stuff. Hilary and co are doing a grand job organising the tombola.

Looking out of the window the garden looks lovely and very wet. I can hear all the plants sighing with relief. It's been a glorious few weeks - I even took a shibori class outside on Monday, that's a first for April.

maggi said...

A lovely Little Gem Carol. Hope you are feeling better by now

Alis said...

What a lovely piece Carol.
I love the colours and textures, very Inca indeed.

I do hope you are feeling better and that you are working hard ;0)