Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cake for Alfie

Bob the Builder
It is my grandson Alfie's second birthday tomorrow,so I thought I would attempt to make him a cake. I am not a cake maker as you can see but I do like a challenge. I made two Victoria sponges which I filled with jam and butter cream. The face is one of them. The second cake I cut each piece in half and sandwiched three of them to make the hat. The last bit was used for the ears nose and the bit on the hat. I bought ready coloured icing but there was barely enough. which made it a bit tricky. I would have liked it to have been thicker. As you will see from the picture it did pull into holes in places which I did my best to repair. I built bits of structure to the face with icing for the ears lips and cheeks. The icing is not stuck to the cake very well. I did not have any brown icing for the hair so he had to make do with black His nose is a bit mucky and his skin is a bit pale. I am satisfied that I did my best with the equipment I had and I am confident that it will taste fine. After all it is the thought that counts.

Alfie enjoying the pond and wet


Tiggy Rawling said...

That is one fantastic cake. I might have to get tips from you in a couple of years - we are to be grandparents in May. It's such a long time since I had any dealings with babies and tiny people!

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

That came out adorable Carol!
Wish you would have posted a
picture of your grandson's face
when he saw it.