Wednesday, 22 August 2007


My First Art Doll
I have just redone my first doll. She was not properly stuffed and was very floppy. I have also wired her head. She is made from calico which I have painted. Her hair is sheeps wool. She has pipe cleaners in her hands and arms which means they can be bent into different positions. Her hands are a bit untidy and one day I may re do them too. Her dress is made from cheese cloth which I have stiched Tyvek, beads and sequins. Her head dress was free machine embroidery with felt leaves. Her shoes are also made of felt which have been covered in various odds and ends including Angelina and a bit of netting from a lemon bag. Her wings are made from two layers of organza which have been machined together.

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Homeleightigger said...

She is just gorgeous Carol - love her dress and head dress. Great pictures too. Val